Tube Storage / Assembly Bay  

Codes / Specifications
ASME Section I & VIII Division 1
API 660
National Board


Land Area15 Acres
Shop Area62,250 SF
Area Under Roof74,850 SF
Paved Storage39,500 SF


Rail - Burlington Northern Siding Under Cranes
Truck - Contract and Motor Freight
Barge - Arkansas-Verdigris Navigation Channel


Construction Materials
Carbon Steel, Low Alloys4 Inches Max Shell Thk
Stainless, Chrome/Clad Steels, Monel4 Inches Max Shell Thk
Hastelloy, Inconel, Incoloy, Nickel2 Inches Max Shell Thk
Titanium3/4 Inch Max Shell Thk


Size Capability
Max Bundle Weight100 Tons
Max Bundle Diameter128 Inches
Max Shell Diameter128 Inches
Max Tube Length70 Feet


Quality Control
Inspection AgencyOneCIS Insurance Company
ASME Certificates S and U 
National Board Repair Certificate R 
American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Welding Inspectors (CWIs) - 2 
Radiography, Liquid Penetrant, Ultransonic, Hardness, Mag Particle (Wet and Dry), Surface Roughness, Delta Ferrite, Tensile, Chemical and Physical Analysis, Olmpus Borescope with Camera and Monitor, Tube Joint Tester, Material Analyzer


Machine Shop
Vertical Turret Lathes5 - 42 to 104 Inches
Boring and Milling Machines1 - 96" Diameter 6" Bar, Horiz
 1 - Hydrotel, 44" Under Spindle
Radial Drills5 - 8 Ft Arm, 20" Max Column
Automatic Drills1 - CNC Drilling/Boring/Milling Machines
 1 - 96" Diameter, 30" Vertical Stroke Gantry Drill/Milling System
 1 - 120" Diameter, 30" Vertical Stroke Gantry Drill/Milling System
Saws1 - 60" Bundle Saw
 Miscellaneous Cut-Off and Band Saws
Portable Nozzle Facing Machines3 - Nozzle Sizes 2" to 36"


Weld Shop
Machines27 - AC/DC, 300 to 800 Amp
Positioners9 - Power Driven 1,000 to 24,000 Lbs
Turning Rolls6 - Power Driven to 360,000 Lbs
Automatic6 - Lincoln
Overlay2 - 30 and 60mm Strip
 2 - Boretech® Pipe/Small Nozzle Overlay Machines
Inert Gas2 - MIG 650 Amp
 3 - Hobart® Cyber TIG Tube to Tubesheet Welding Systems
 5 - TIG Welding Units
Cutting4 to 8 Inches Thk
 2 - 1" Thk Plasma
Computer Controlled Edge Prep8" Thk
Manipulators5 - 12' x 12' Powered
Plate Rolls1 - To 1" Thk x 10' Long
Local Heat Treatment8 - Electric Resistance Power Sources


Assembly Shop
Electronic and Air Controlled Torque Tube Expanders
Hydraulic Tube Puller
Test Water Heater and Circulator
Hydrotest to 10,000 PSI
Air Test to 125 PSI
High Pressure Washer
Bolt Tensioners


Subcontract Facilities
Heat Treating - 2 SourcesTo 80'-6" L x 16'" W x 16' H
 Automatic, 12- Thermocouples, Car Bottom, 2150° Max
Plate Forming - 4 Sources24" Top Roll x 10" Hot Rolling Available Through 4"
Tube Bending/Stress Relieving - 2 Sources